October 2016

Calling all designers, developers, mappers, and tech teachers! Join the Wapichan community, Digital Democracy, and our partners on the trip of a lifetime. Journey to Rupununi, Guyana, one of the most bio-diverse regions of the world. Collaborate with indigenous leaders to design and build tools to help them protect their territory and defend against environmental contamination. Help us plan, design and build tools that will be used by indigenous monitors around the globe to document environmental and human rights abuses.

What’s at stake? Across Latin America and in rainforests around the globe, indigenous people face multiple threats, including water contamination, deforestation, and illegal land seizures. When a community stands up to defend their lands, but can’t describe or prove exactly what is or isn’t theirs, they have a difficult if not impossible time navigating the political and legal channels that are supposed to serve them. Dd supports many local communities that are documenting and responding to oil contamination and environmental threats across the Amazon.