The Rupununi region is in southwestern Guyana, along the Brazil border. It’s about the size of Massachusetts or Wales, and has approximately 9000 residents. The region encompasses both savannah grasslands and a section of the Amazon rainforest. The savannah is a vast expanse of grass and sky, dotted occasionally with stunted trees. The wide expanses resemble east Africa, and are home to jaguars, deer, hawks, and more. The rainforest is especially thick with biodiversity, including howler monkeys, giant otters, caiman, giant anteaters, tapirs, vampire bats, capybaras, hundreds of species of birds.

  • We will be staying in villages that do not have Internet access. Download anything you might want to use (reference libraries, templates, reading material, etc.) and bring it with you.
  • Guyana is close to the equator, and temperatures at this time of year average, in Fahrenheit, from the low 90s during the day to the high 70s at night (34-77 C). We will arrive after the rainy season, so brief storms are possible but unlikely.
  • Bring sunscreen, mosquito repellant, and a headlamp. Beds, sheets, mosquito nets, meals, and clean water will be provided.
  • US and EU citizens do not require a visa to enter Guyana. If you plan to use a passport from another country, confirm your visa requirements.